The South African employment market offers many different opportunities, the key for job seekers is knowing how to find them, and this is not a very easy task. However you are in good hands now.

Job boards  are old hat, outdated and useless, they are merely just a place on the web where thousands of other job seekers like you will, place their information, these sites are very limited in what they can offer you, the job seeker.

The majority of people placing their information on these portals more than likely will never be placed, because no one actively has the time to look through thousands of CV’s  your chances are very  limited. This is a big problem.

Stepz is very unique, it has investigated the job market for more than 15 years and developed a strategy using technology, that is revolutionising recruitment in South Africa.

Technology has evolved  and we at Stepz we are evolving with it, cellular networks, social media  and other marketing tools  to  sources  jobs  for candidates by attracting companies, corporations to an easy solution. We work to find you employment.

Join us on an exciting adventure as we help you  in a unique process  to find you a rewarding job.